Thursday, 6 November 2014

Clean fix Reversable Fans

Word back from the field:  Smile

Smile CLEANFIX Reversible Radiator Fan on MF 9790

Installed a Cleanfix Reversible Radiator Fan on my 2008 MAssey Ferguson 9790 with 8.4L SISU Engine. The Best Thing Ever! It is a great combine, but always got some matting on the rad and coolers but never ever heated up because of a large capacity fan to draw enough air to keep it cool. But this just wasts fuel & power. This Cleanfix fan uses a heavy duty 12v air compressor with timer (wired to ignition) to reverse the fan every 30 minutes (adjustable 6 to 66 minutes or by a on demand switch in the cab). The engine radiator, hydro cooler & AC condenser stayed incredibly clean. I "Never" had to to blow it out even at the end of the season. A radiator and engine is most efficient when it is CLEAN all the time! This is one great product! CLEANFIX รข€“ Reversible fans for radiator cleaning


Friday, 8 August 2014

Tulip MultiDisc - Residue Management - High Speed Vertical Disc

Heavy main frame
2 rows 24" notched discs - ASK US about the LITTLE wear on these discs!
5-bolt hubs
DUAL tapered bearings
DUAL crumbler rollers

Lease / Finance options available!

This high speed Multidisc disc/harrow 
Gives an ideal mulching and mixing action when incorporating crop residue and green manure.

Is ideal for stubble retention as it incorporates stubble in the top few centimetres of soil.

A fast efficient means of cultivating a wide range of soil types, from black clays to pure sands.

Prepares the soil for trouble free seeding.

Is available in 3 pt hitch mount, pull type
Is available in various widths, some fold-up for transport
Seeder options, attachments also available

fall tilling 
fall tilling

difference in weed growth - 2 months since Tulip Tillage

weed control - 2 months since Tulip Tillage


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Made in Canada
Highly recommended for maximum cow comfort
Fully adjustable flexible freestall
Encourages cows to lie down 
Longer rest periods increases milk production

The animals do not hurt themselves when getting up or down, the stalls are flexible.
Allows more head movement for cows, less injuries.
Isolate tingle voltage
Less lumps & hair loss
Bends with cow
WIll not punish larger cows
Still is an index barrier
Pipe is able to move forward & backward, up & down

Users of the Greenfreestall say:

  • The cows lie straighter in the free stalls.
  • The cows lie more relaxed.
  • The bedding consumption is reduced by almost half.
  • No more damage on the udder since we've installed Greenfreestall.
  • No more problems with the hollow of the knees.
  • Better resting comfort, longer resting time, higher milk production, more space for the head of the cow

Let your cows tell you

Also ask us about our Sand Bedding Solution!

Friday, 25 April 2014


Let us help you use sand bedding WITHOUT LOOSING the sand!
What Is it worth to keep most of the sand in the stall?

Benefits to using our system:

  • Can save up to 75% of your sand.
  • Less use of your sand handling equipment
  • Your equipment (alley scrapers, manure pumps, etc) will last longer

  • Increase cow comfort & lying time - healthier cows
  • Cows will always lie uphill, assists in drainage & increases effective stall length
  • Cows are more comfortable entering and exiting the stalls
  • Sand remains dry and helps with foot problems
  • Cows virtually maintain their own stalls, reducing labor

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Welcome to the sand solution! Boomerang Dairy Sand Bedding System

What if you could use sand without losing hardly any of the sand?

  • The Boomerang Dairy Sand Bedding System can save a very high percentage of your sand & even more costs further down the system, ie pumps, alley scrapers, & islands in pits &/or lagoons!
  • Much cleaner bedding.
  • This system increases cow comfort & lying time - healthier cows.
  • Cows are always lying up-hill, assists in drainage and increases effective stall length.
  • Cows are more comfortable entering and exiting the stalls.
  • Sand remains dry and helps with foot problems.
  • Cows basically maintain their own stalls, reducing your labor!

Healthier, Happier Cows

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tulip Multivator

widths: 3 to 7 meter or 9 to 22 feet 
3 pt hitch or pull-type
2 or 3 rows of tines
 packer roller options



double crumbler roller

packer roller

ridge packer roller

ring roller

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'Spring Clean' fix

A CLEANFIX fan is for any and all of your machines! The CLEANFIX fan is the ONLY fan that reverses the airflow to powerfully clean out radiators and screens at your convenience. You will never need to exit the cab to clean a radiator or be inconvenienced by reduced air-conditioning performance!
CLEANFIX is used for
  • construction machines
  • municipal machines
  • agricultural machines - choppers, heavy trucks, swathers, combines, etc
  • recycling machines
  • handling machines - forklifts, payloaders, etc
  • forestry machines
  • provides longer engine life - increased production
  • keeps your radiator clean
  • provides less downtime - reduced maintenance
  • provides up to 60% less power consumption through the fan
  • provides continuous operator comfort (air conditioning)
  • saves fuel
  • saves MONEY!
CLEANFIX provides powerful reverse fans for all commercial vehicles that work in dusty or dirty environments. CLEANFIX reliably blows radiators free of
  • chaff
  • debris
  • grass
  • dirt
  • corn residue
  • leaves
  • cotton
  • wood chips
  • sawdust
  • gypsum
  • lime
  • and just about anything else that can clog your radiator.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Straw & Poultry Bedder

Front Loader Mount OR Pull Type
Throws bedding up to 60 feet
SAVE up to 30% on straw usage
SAVE time (time is money!)

Rotating Chute
Electrical Control from the Cab