Friday, 31 January 2014

Straw & Poultry Bedder

Front Loader Mount OR Pull Type
Throws bedding up to 60 feet
SAVE up to 30% on straw usage
SAVE time (time is money!)

Rotating Chute
Electrical Control from the Cab

Wednesday, 29 January 2014



hay field,
football, soccer
golf course, 

Vredo has an overseeder to suit!

Without having to plough, cultivate, level or roll out, old turf can be covered with new grass.
By using the unique Vredo Overseeder, seeds are properly guided and dispensed into the ground at the correct, adjustable depth. A compaction roller seals the seed into the fertile soil at the same time providing an optimal amount of light, air and heat. The overseeder is equipped with skids to preserve the soil structure.

The Vredo Overseeder comes in 4 series -
Agri-Twin:         2.5 meter to 2.9 meter w/7.5 cm row spacing
Compact:             1 meter to 2.2 meter w/7.5 cm row spacing
Sport:                                   2.2 meter w/3.5 cm row spacing
Super Compact: .8 meter to 1.6 meter w/3.5 cm row spacing 
Agri-Twin, 7.5 cm row spacing
Compact, 7.5 cm row spacing
Sport, 3.5 cm row spacing
Super Compact, 3.5 cm row spacing