Friday, 8 August 2014

Tulip MultiDisc - Residue Management - High Speed Vertical Disc

Heavy main frame
2 rows 24" notched discs - ASK US about the LITTLE wear on these discs!
5-bolt hubs
DUAL tapered bearings
DUAL crumbler rollers

Lease / Finance options available!

This high speed Multidisc disc/harrow 
Gives an ideal mulching and mixing action when incorporating crop residue and green manure.

Is ideal for stubble retention as it incorporates stubble in the top few centimetres of soil.

A fast efficient means of cultivating a wide range of soil types, from black clays to pure sands.

Prepares the soil for trouble free seeding.

Is available in 3 pt hitch mount, pull type
Is available in various widths, some fold-up for transport
Seeder options, attachments also available

fall tilling 
fall tilling

difference in weed growth - 2 months since Tulip Tillage

weed control - 2 months since Tulip Tillage


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