Thursday, 6 November 2014

Clean fix Reversable Fans

Word back from the field:  Smile

Smile CLEANFIX Reversible Radiator Fan on MF 9790

Installed a Cleanfix Reversible Radiator Fan on my 2008 MAssey Ferguson 9790 with 8.4L SISU Engine. The Best Thing Ever! It is a great combine, but always got some matting on the rad and coolers but never ever heated up because of a large capacity fan to draw enough air to keep it cool. But this just wasts fuel & power. This Cleanfix fan uses a heavy duty 12v air compressor with timer (wired to ignition) to reverse the fan every 30 minutes (adjustable 6 to 66 minutes or by a on demand switch in the cab). The engine radiator, hydro cooler & AC condenser stayed incredibly clean. I "Never" had to to blow it out even at the end of the season. A radiator and engine is most efficient when it is CLEAN all the time! This is one great product! CLEANFIX – Reversible fans for radiator cleaning


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